Instructions for connecting Prelude Detect to Vectr

Environment Name

If applicable, create a new environment within Vectr to host your Prelude Detect test results


An API key is needed for this integration, if necessary create a new API Key/Secret

Prelude Detect Configuration

Prelude Detect CLI is needed to configure this integration, run the following command to connect Detect to Vectr

prelude partner attach vectr --user EnvironmentName/OrganizationName --secret APIKEY/APISECRET --api https://vectr_server

Replace EnvironmentName with the appropriate name from Vectr

Replace OrganizationName with the appropriate organization name from Vectr

Replace vectr_server with the appropriate URI for your Vectr instance. Vectr must be internet facing for the Detect service to connect.

Run Tests

After a successful connection, executed tests will be sent to Vectr