Enable autonomous test selection

Detect has a feature, called autopilot, that allows the system to conduct test scheduling on your behalf.

The concept of autopilot was born through deep research in the field of automated planning, a sector of artificial intelligence that focuses on decision making amid unbounded uncertainty. The current version of autopilot is a primitive planning algorithm that will be enhanced over time.

Autopilot is deterministic and follows this plan:

  • When a new response test comes out, it is scheduled against all relevant endpoints.
  • The test will run for 3 consecutive days and measure any differences in the defensive response.
  • The test will be unscheduled on the fourth day.

Relevant endpoints are dictated by a concept known as implicit relevance. Each endpoint is matched up to the supported operating systems and architectures of the test and only relevant devices will receive the test.

When an account is in autopilot mode you cannot modify the schedule. You can however flip between autopilot and manual mode easily, through a toggle in the user interface.

Future planning algorithms are being worked on for the next iteration of the autopilot functionality.