Safety and resilience are built into the DNA of Detect

The Detect technology stack is composed of people, processes and lastly, technology.

Internally, we don't consider it a "technology stack" but instead a belief that building software can be different.

Similar to a secure by design operating system, the Detect stack was built from the get-go around safety and security. It is broken down into components, each an encapsulated service containing a series of safety nets and contingencies to ensure it works as expected. The overall system weaves these components together into a larger ecosystem.

Assurance is approached through the following:

  • Safety mechanisms built into each component and made transparent to the end user.
  • An alert management process to ensure Detect runs quietly and safely.
  • A robust compiling process for building security tests.
  • An exhaustive validation process for new security tests.

The next few sections will outline these approaches.