About Account

Understand your access

When you register for an account, either through the Prelude CLI or the UI, you are provided an identifier and token that can be used to access the Prelude Service.

Each action you attempt is governed by a set of permissions tied to these credentials.

Default users

When an account is created, two users are added to it immediately: admin and registration.


You are given a token with an ADMIN level permission, which grants access to all actions exposed through the CLI and UI. These credentials are cached inside the UI and can also be exported to a keychain file. If you export them (recommended), you should save them to ~/.prelude/keychain.ini. This allows you to use the Prelude CLI with the same authentication as your user interface.

You can create additional users with more granular permissions for each new use case or person you want to join your team.


When an account is newly provisioned, a registration user is also created with SERVICE permissions. This user should be used to register new endpoints.